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Customised training for English teachers

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Tel: + 61 (2) 9385 7301

At UNSWGlobal, we have the skills and experience to train English language teachers for a range of classroom contexts

We specialise in the design and delivery of language teacher training and professional development programs for overseas high school and elementary school teachers.

Our past and current clients include

  • Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education
  • The EIKEN Foundation of Japan
  • The Education Bureau of Hebei Province (China)
  • CREDU Pty. Ltd. (Korea).
We can customise according to your teacher training requirements in all areas.

Program types: standalone or combined with English language tuition

Teaching context: Elementary school, high school, higher education

Program areas:

  • Language teacher training and professional development for in-service teachers
  • Entry level programs for trainee teachers
  • TESOL workshops
  • Combined English language and TESOL methodology
  • Professional development for senior educational professionals (e.g. school principals)
Mode of delivery: Face-to-face training combined with practical teaching experience and school visits

Duration: 2 days – 12 months

Location: In Australia or in-country

Bevan Sofian

Bevan Sofian

"I believe the course made me a more outgoing person and has been the best educational exprience of my life!."