UNSW Institute of Languages

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About Us

Why Study with us?

UNSW Institute of Languages:

  1. Is owned by UNSW , which is one of Australia’s leading universities;
  2. Provides a quality Academic English pathway to study at UNSW;
  3. Offers Professional English courses which are designed to equip students achieve their career goals;
  4. Has a General English course for learners from Elementary through to Advanced level;
  5. Provides ELITE Programs which include study tours, customised courses for specific groups and corporate programs;
  6. Has a wide range of part-time courses in Other languages for learners from Beginner level through to Advanced level;
  7. Offers both TESOL and LOTE Teacher Training courses;
  8. Provides language testing and test preparation including: IELTS, TOEFL, PEAT and QANTAS/Jetstar;
  9. Has state-of-the-art facilities, including modern educational technology and purpose built classrooms;
  10. Staff are committed professional language teachers and support staff.